Office and Design, Yadkinville NC

Indera Mills is one of the three largest suppliers of thermal underwear products in the world. We are unique in that we only produce and distribute thermal underwear and winter-weight base layer products. As such, we are completely focused year-round on fulfilling the needs of our customers. Our emphasis on quality, service, and value-priced products guarantees success for our customers and is the reason we have prospered for the past 100 years.

Indera Mills is a vertically integrated company, allowing us to provide “turn on a dime” shipping to our customers. Our goal is to ship most customer’s orders within 48 hours of receipt! Vertical integration is the key to the success of Indera and has been throughout our history. Being vertically integrated means that we control the garment process from concept to completion, from our design to keeping you warm.

From our Yadkinville, North Carolina facilities we design, knit, cut, and distribute finished goods to our customers all over the country. From our sewing facilities just over the border in Monterrey, Mexico, we are able to provide quick turnaround on sewing and packaging. All of our products are subject to two stringent Quality Control inspections, and possess the integrity and value that Indera Mills has provided for over a century.

Our strategy here at Indera is to maintain our position as a low-cost, high-quality supplier of thermal and winter-weight products. Our primary focus is on attentiveness and responsiveness to our customers. We promise the very best that we can possibly offer.