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If you wish, orders may be shipped C.O.D or via Credit Card, to your authorized locations until verification of credit has been completed.  No shipment can be made, however, until this authorized dealer application has been signed and returned to our Credit Department.
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We hereby apply for the extension of credit by your company.  The following is submitted as a basis for your consideration. 
All information is warranted to be true and accurate.
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Terms:    All orders are subject to credit approval.  Once the Dealer's credit has been approved, payment terms will be 
Net 30 Days from Date of Invoice or as agreed.

Shipments are F.O.B Yadkinville, N.C.; shipping charges will be listed separately on invoices.  Payment terms will be Net 30 days from date of FINANCE.

Shipments are the sole responsibility of the customer.  Liability rests with the Dealer if the shipment is refused.  Freight plus a 20% repackaging / restocking charge will be assessed on refused shipments.  This includes refused back orders.  It is the Dealer's responsibility to cancel back orders.

Authorizations may be requested for the return of items shipped in error.  Contact Customer Service for a Return Authorization Number.  Items returned without authorization or which do not appear on our current price sheet will not have credit value.  If an authorization is issued for reasons other than a Indera Mills' error, a 20% repackaging/restocking fee will be assessed.  Refused C.O.D orders are subject to a 25% repacking / restocking fee.  Freight will be paid by the Dealer. ALL RETURNS UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED ARE TO BE RETURNED TO:
Indera Mills Company, 350 West Maple Street, Yadkinville, N.C. 27055

No claim/chargeback, action, or demand may be brought by the Dealer more than one year after date of invoice.  The Dealer will pay all costs, including reasonable attorney fees and costs and court costs, incurred in any collection proceeding that was initiated as a result of the Dealers default.

I hereby authorize the person or firm to whom this application is made, any credit bureau, or other investigative agency employed by such a or entity, to investigate the references herein listed or statements or other data obtained from me or from any other person pertaining to my person credit and financial responsibility.
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You can upload additional shipping addresses, trade references, and financial statements here if needed.
Please be sure that any files that you plan to upload include your company name and description of what the file inludes.
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